Weather to fly – Press release: 18/08/2013

Weather to fly – Press release: 18/08/2013

Following the success of ‘The Guest’ OddManOut are proud to present award-winning writer Allison Davies debut play ‘Weather to Fly’.

‘Weather to Fly’ is a bitter-sweet story about families, love, friendship and longing.

When Joe returns home for the first time since leaving for the army he finds it’s not only him that has been forced to deal with the secrets that are only whispered of behind closed doors. His sister Debbie can’t explain what goes on inside her head and his best friend Chemical knows more than anyone could have ever imagined.

When everything around him slowly falls apart Joe is forced to consider what keeps him from flying. Is it his sister, his heart, a denial of the truth or just a fear to spread his wings in the first place?

Secrets come to light when lies slowly unravel but who is it that holds the key? Maybe it’s Debbie, maybe it’s Joe, it could be the spoon stuck in the toilet or the cloud birds who never shut up.

‘Weather to Fly’ examines the difficulty of facing up to who you are when all you want is to disappear completely. The play looks at the courage needed to say ‘this is who I am’ when everyone around you watches as you struggle just to stay afloat. ‘Weather to Fly’ is a story about having the courage to speak up against the silence.

Tees Valley based theatre company OddManOut, the creative mind behind this tale of identity and acceptance, initially formed in 2007 to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe. Since then they have continued to produce work which has toured venues throughout the UK including The Royal Exchange, Northern Stage, ARC Stockton, and Arts Centre Washington.

After a successful and well-received production in Edinburgh including a sell-out show, OddManOut affiliates Katy Weir and Scott Young, who met at a professional training and development scheme InterACT, have continued to work together. Following the highly positive response to ‘The Guest’, they continue to collaborate with talented creatives in the region and beyond to develop a creative hub for new writing in the Tees Valley area.