Hello! Katy Here! We have been quiet for a while, we know! But all for very good reasons my friends!

We have been busy squirrelling away doing a consultation with the marvellous Sara Robinson. This has been generously supported by Creative Darlington, an organisation who seek to support arts in the region and go some way in helping them to achieve longevity as an emerging company in the region.

This is both a challenging and rewarding experience. It is making us really get to the bottom of who we are as a company, why we want to make work, and why our work is important to theatre. These are all things you briefly worry about when making the art, but to really be questioned about what our aims and how we want to fulfil them has been challenging as it’s hard to put what is in your head down on paper or convey it verbally.

It is allowing us to look at our artistic model, the legal side, marketing, business, and training and development. We are so grateful for the backing from Stephen Wiper and Creative Darlington as we realise this is a very fortunate position to be in, to be given the time and finances to do this and that is why we intend, like when we are doing our shows , to make sure every penny is spent wisely.

We have also been taking stock after the Title Pending competition. We entered with our new project, which had had two days R and D at ARC, Stockton, FROM THERE TO YOU, FROM HERE TO ME. The two days at Northern Stage were so much fun. To have such a brilliant judging panel challenging, complimenting, passionately discussing what for us was at the time a seed of an idea, gave us the green light that this was an idea we wanted to develop further.

Our time at Northern Stage has brokered conversations for the company with The young Vic, Slung Low, Northern Stage, Soho, and Fuel. This exciting and positive reception to the future of OddManOut is really exciting for Scott and I and we are eager to keep this positivity rolling.

That is why we are currently in preparation for R and D by the sea at the Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis from November 24th -28th. I am already a big fan of the theatre, having worked there previously with the very talented Shanty Theatre Company, and LOVE Lyme Regis. So when we met Tim Bell and Harry Long at Paine Plough’s Small-Scale touring symposium we knew it was something we wanted to apply for.

Thankfully we were successful and soon to head South. Our aim as a company has always been to create stories in the North-East that are universal in their impact. Therefore, our aim is to take our work to a bigger audience. The R and D scheme gives you space for a week free of charge and supplies an audience to watch a work in progress on the Friday. This opportunity to gain feedback on our work is paramount to its development as we want to create stories that people relate to and find a truth in. Due to funding and time constraints in the past we have always gone into a ten day rehearsal period with script and have worked from there. We are now looking for a more collective approach of working and developing the script together as a company. Therefore, the opportunity to work in this way allows us of the Oddmanout collective to come together and help to mould the piece.

If you would like to come and see our work please contact the Marine Theatre on 01297 442 138